MKS EAGLE V1.0 Intro

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1. What is MKS Eagle for?

MKS Eagle is an integrated design version of Nano V3.0. The MCU is STM32F407VET6, which is as powerful as Nano V3. It retains the functions of Nano V3. The driver is designed as TMC2209 UART mode and uses integrated heat dissipation and four-layer PCB optimization design.

2. Download

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3. Difference between MKS Eagle & MKS Robin Nano V3

ITEMS MKS Eagle MKS Robin Nano V3
MCU STM32F407VET6(168MHz) STM32F407VGT6(168MHz)
Driver mode Integrated TMC2209 UART STEP/DIR;TMC UART;TMC SPI
Drive signal external No support Support
DFU mode Support(BOOT0) No support
Reserved IO PD14,PD1,PD0 No reserved
Firmware name mks_eagle.bin Robin_nano_v3.bin
USB Disk Support Support
TF card Support(SPI3) Support(SPI3)
Virtural USB Device Support Support
Motor interface 5 axis 6 interface(Two Z axis share the same driver) 5 axis 6 interface(Two Z axis share the same driver)
PWM FAN(s) 2 channels 2 channels
PWM TTL Support Support
Independent serial port Support(USART3) Support(USART3)
Power TVS protect Support Support
EEPROM 4KB AT24C32DM on board 4KB AT24C32DM on board
SPI Flash 8M on board 8M on board
LCD support MKS TS35/MKS MINI12864 V3/MKS H43/LCD12864/LCD2004 MKS TS35/MKS MINI12864 V3/MKS H43/LCD12864/LCD2004


Special function of Eagle

  • Support power spike processing, protection circuit
  • Support power reverse connection protection

4. MKS Eagle how to update firmware or upload bootloader?

  • TF card update firmware: Copy mks_eagle.bin to tf card, insert to board, reset or repower on and update it
  • Use USB by DFU mode, refer to DFU-Upload path readme

5. Support Firmware

  • Marlin 2.0
  • Klipper